EOS Tribe
building the future

one block at a time

EOS Tribe, LLC is a leading EOS Block Producer (“BP”) that designs and develops technological solutions
for the EOS smart platform and Blockchain community in order to enhance and support blockchain businesses
and viable cryptocurrency markets worldwide.

Our Team

Eugene Luzgin
Eugene Luzgin
Founder / CEO / CTO
Yurii Kotsiuba
Yurii Kotsiuba
Technology / Operations
Mark Herzog
Business Strategy
Basil Vetas
Business Development
Max Byck


EOS Tribe is running on bare metal servers with attached NVMe SSD drives by Samsung that deliver consistent top performance with heavy random read/write operations characteristics of Nodeos process.

Currently we are dedicating 3 physical servers to EOS api1, api2 and api3 load balanced on api.eostribe.io and 1 physical server for Worbli API node. And one specialized physical server with server grade 4.0 Ghz processor to Producer Node.

API server: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E7 - 4870 @ 2.40Ghz, 80 cores, 516GB RAM, 2TB SSD Storage

Producer server: Intel(R) Xeon(R) W-2125 CPU @ 4.00Ghz, 8 cores, 256GB RAM, 1.2TB SSD Storage

EOS Tribe Infrastructure


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